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Late Pre-Registration & REACH Inquiry


General Pre-Registration took place between 1 June 2008 to 1 December 2008 inclusive and is now closed, but see sections below on Late Pre-Registration and REACH Inquiry.

General Pre-Registration was:

  • Necessary in order to benefit from the (tonnage-related) phase-in periods for substance Registration 
  • An administrative, computer-based procedure to indicate an interest to REACH-register a substance with the European Chemicals Agency
  • Free-of-charge, with no obligation to pursue registration of the substance for which you have pre-registered
  • A procedure which does carry an obligation to participate in the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) for that substance, and to respond to data enquiries within that SIEF

ECHA has published a list of pre-registered substances.

Late Pre-Registration

If you intend to manufacture or import, for the first time, a phase-in substance in quantities of one tonne per year or more, you can make a late pre-registration via ECHA REACH-IT. ECHA then puts late pre-registrants in contact with the SIEF members for that substance. Note that the late pre-registration period ends on 31 May 2012 for substances to be registered by 31 May 2013, and 31 May 2017 for substances to be registered by 31 May 2018. More info.

REACH Inquiry

Potential registrants of non-phase-in substances or phase-in substances that were not pre-registered have to inquire from ECHA whether a registration has previously been submitted for the same substance. More info.

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