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Joint Submission

Overview of the Joint-Submission Process:

EU Manufacturers/Importers/Only Representatives of substances they need to complete the following process steps:  

Step 1: ‘Join the Joint-Submission’
This is the first step in the process to submit a REACH Co-Registration dossier.  SIEF members (who are not members of MoCon) will need to buy a Letter of Access that will grant them the right to receive the ‘Token’ they will need to ‘Join the Joint-Submission’ via REACH-IT.  This step informs ECHA that you are a member of the Joint-Submission and therefore eligible to pay the lower ECHA Registration fees for joint-submission registrants (instead of the higher individual registrant fees).

For more Joint-Submission information:

Step 2You prepare your REACH Co-registration dossier using the free-of-charge IUCLID6 software and check it for completeness prior to submission by using the Technical Completeness Check Tool.  Submit your registration dossier to ECHA via REACH-IT. 

Step 3: If your dossier is accepted, i.e. passes the Technical Completeness Check and the Business Rules check by ECHA, you will receive a Submission Report from them, indicating your successful submission.

Step 4: Next you will receive an ECHA invoice in your REACH-IT Message Box for payment within 15 days.  If not paid within that period you will receive a reminder and a further 15 days to pay.  Failure to pay within that total period of 30 days leads to a rejection of the submitted dossier.

Step 5:  After timely payment, and provided ECHA have accepted your dossier, you will receive your REACH-registration number (which ECHA call a "Reference Number").

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The Molybdenum Consortium is acting as SIEF Facilitator on behalf of the Lead Registrant for each of the substances listed on this page.

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