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Read-Across Strategy

Reading-across data from one substance to another, where scientifically appropriate and documented, is a concept that is encouraged in the REACH legislation.

Many different factors must be taken into account when assessing the scientific rationale for reading-across from one substance to another,

The REACH registration technical dossiers that the Molybdenum Consortium is preparing use both substance-specific data and read-across.

Broadly speaking, physico-chemical endpoints are substance-specific, and read-across is used for many, but not all, environmental and mammalian toxicology end-points. 

The MoCon 'read-across substance' is sodium molybdate.  Speciation work has been conducted to demonstrate that it is scientifically appropriate to read-across from this substance to the other substances in the MoCon portfolio.

For MoCon substances, environmentally and physiologically the significant species is the MoO42- ion.   All Mocon substances transform into the MoO42- ion and enter an organism as such. For this reason, the focus for the MoCon research is the molybate ion.




















The Molybdenum Consortium is acting as SIEF Facilitator on behalf of the Lead Registrant for each of the substances listed on this page.

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