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Letter of Access

Please read this webpage fully before you proceed to the Buy LoA Portal

What is a Letter of Access (LoA)?

(An LoA is different from a Licence to Use)

A Letter of Access is a document that grants you the right to:

  • refer to the Lead Registrant (LR) REACH-registration dossier for the sole purpose of making your REACH-registration for a specific substance.
  • participate in the Joint-Submission in ECHA REACH-IT.

What does an LoA look like?

View sample LoA for an applicant Company
View sample LoA for an applicant Only Representative

    What does it cost to buy an LoA?

    LoA costings for REACH MoCon molybdenum substances:

    REACH Tonnage BandREACH Registration YearLoA Costs
     =/> 1000 tonnes 2010  US$40,000.00
     =/>100 – 999 tonnes 2013  US$18,000.00

     =/>10 - 99 tonnes

      < 10 tonnes

    Last day 31 May 2018

    Last day  31 May 2018

     US$  9,000.00

     US$  3,000.00

    Important Notes:

    LoAs are available on a per substance, per legal entity basis.

    If you are an Only Representative or a Third Party Representative, you will need to purchase a Letter of Access for each company and each substance you represent.

    If I buy an LoA, what do I get?

    • Letter of Access document signed by the International Molybdenum Association ( as Secretariat to the Molybdenum Consortium) confirming that you have the ‘right to refer’ to the Lead Registrant dossier for the sole purpose of making your REACH-registration for that substance. It will also require you to maintain confidentiality of dossier data and the 'token'.
    • The ‘Token’ and the 'Joint Submission Name' that enable you to ‘join the Joint-Submission’ in ECHA REACH-IT. This is an essential step in preparation for you to submit your dossier as a REACH-registration member of a Joint Submission.
    • Access to the Chemical Safety Report for that specific REACH MoCon substance.
    • Classification & Labelling information.
    • List of Uses.
    • i6z Template file to prepare your co-registration, and Guidance Manual.
    • Access to e-SDS/PIDS.

    How can I buy an LoA?

     Via the 'Buy LoA Portal' at the top of this page. The way it works is:

    • You input and submit your LoA order details
    • You then download the LoA, sign it and send it to MoCon
    • MoCon sends you the invoice by E-mail
    • After full payment (cleared funds in bank) has been received, MoCon will send you the counter-signed LoA by E-mail, and an original by post.
    • By email MoCon will also provide you with the ‘Token’ and 'Joint Submission Name' for you to ‘join the joint-submission’ for that substance in the ECHA REACH-IT system.
    • MoCon will provide you with access to the Chemical Safety Report, template i6z file, Guidance Manual, and e-SDS/PIDS.

    And what happens after that?

    • You join the joint submission in REACH-IT and you create your joint-submission dossier using IUCLID6 and the template i6z file.
    • You then send your IUCLID6 joint-submission dossier to ECHA via the REACH-IT system, within the registration timeframe for your tonnage band of that substance.

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