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Classification & Labelling - EU CLP (using GHS hazard classification)

  EC Substance Name EINECS No. SIEF agreed Classification July 2010
1 Molybdenum Sulfide (MoS2), roasted 289-178-0 Hazard classification & category code:  Carcinogenicity Category 2
Hazard Statement: H351 = suspected of causing cancer via inhalation
2 Molybdenum Trioxide 215-204-7 Hazard classification & category code:  Carc. 2; Eye Irrit.2; STOT SE3,
Hazard Statements: H351 = suspected of causing cancer via inhalation,  H319 = causes serious eye irritation,  H335 = may cause respiratory irritation
3 Molybdenum 231-107-2 No classification
4 Disodium Molybdate 231-551-7 & 231-551-7 No classification
5 Diammonium Dimolybdate 248-517-2 No classification
6 Hexaammonium Heptamolybdate 234-722-4 & 234-320-9 No classification
7 Tetraammonium Hexamolybdate 235-650-6 No classification
8 Slags, Ferromolybdenum
282-217-2 No classification
9 Molybdenum Dioxide
242-637-9 No classification
10 Calcium Molybdate
232-192-9 No classification
11 Diiron Trimolybdenum Dodecaoxide
237-389-3 No classification
12 Molybdenum Sulfide(chemically produced MoS2)
235-721-1 No classification


A key SIEF activity is to agree upon Classification & Labelling, prior to submission of the technical dossier to ECHA by the Lead Registrant.

At the end of July/Early August 2010 each SIEF was sent the Classification & Labelling proposal - see attached summary  of the SIEF-agreed classifications.

Furthermore, a separate document was provided to explain the self-classification of RMC as a result of the hazard identification/assessment phase of the REACH process:

RMC classification, and substance identification

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