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SIEF Introduction

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Hello and Welcome!

This is the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) Homepage for the molybdenum substances you can see listed on the left-hand side. 

In general terms, the SIEF is where participants 'self-organise' to compile the technical dossier required for REACH Registration.  SIEF members can opt for any of four different categories of involvement in the SIEF process

To facilitate this 'self-organisation' process, the Secretariat of the Molybdenum Consortium is acting as SIEF Facilitator, on behalf of the Lead Registrant, for each of the substances.  (For this reason these SIEF pages are on the website of the Molybdenum Consortium, but the Consortium is a separate activity to the SIEF).  Intending registrants are welcome to join the Consortium. 

Who's in a SIEF?

  •  EU Manufacturers, EU Importers, Only Representatives of Non-European Manufacturers, Data-Holders

What are the main activities in a SIEF? 

  • Election of Lead Registrant
  • Agree upon information to be jointly submitted:
    • Joint submission of the hazard data-set and any testing proposals is mandatory
    • Joint submission of the Chemical Safety Report and Guidance on Safe Use is voluntary
  • Conduct data-sharing
  • Agree upon Classification & Labelling of the substance

The REACH Registration Dossier will be submitted by the Lead Registrant, and all other registrants will refer to it when making their registration.  The registration dossier is being prepared by the Molybdenum Consortium, in liaison with the SIEF members. 

SIEF members will be able to purchase a 'Letter of Access' from the Consortium that grants a 'permission to refer' to the Dossier for the specific purpose of REACH registration.  The cost of the Letter of Access is yet to be determined.  The cost will be differentiated by REACH tonnage band, i.e. .the lower the tonnage band the lower the cost, and viceversa.

Visit the substance-specific pages to learn more about progress to-date and the next steps in the SIEFs.

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